Board of Governors (BOG)

The New Governing Council are:

Prof. Lateef Akanni Hussein – Chairman

Alh. Abdu rahman Salaudeen – member

Alh. W. A Yusuf – Member

Dr. Abdul Azeez Lawal – Member

Dr. Fouad Adetoro – Member

Dr. Mukaila Bade Suarau – Member

Alh. Najimudeen A. Daudu – Member

The Foundation of ADCOED

Ansar-Ud-Deen College of Education, (ADCOED) Isolo, is an off-shoot of a defunct training centre, known as the Institute of Arabic and Islamic Studies (IAIS). Which was established over three (3) decades ago, precisely in 1982, to train qualified and professional teachers in the twin subjects of Arabic and Islamic Studies. Till the end of the 20th Century, the old Institute satisfactory accomplished its and Islamic Studies. Till the end of the 20th Century, the old Institute satisfactory accomplished its assignment within available financial, material and human resources. Praise be to the Almighty Allah.

The Pioneer Board of Governors, (BOG) of the old Institute included:-

Haj. S.A. Dawodu                    –                  Chairman

Sheikh A. H. Abou                   –                  Member

Haj. Y.O. Basorun                    –                  Member

Haj. R.A. O. Lawal                   –                  Member

Haj. N.A. Kekere – Ekun          –                  Member

Haj. Lamidi Adebisi                 –                  Member

Haj. M.A. Hassan                     –                  Member

Haj. A. Akanni Eko                  –                  Member

Haj. R. O. Ladejo                      –                  Member

Haj. Y. K. Adeyemo                 –                  Member

Haj. 1. O. Layeni                      –                  Member

Haj. M. L. Mukhtar                  –                  Member

Haj. S. B. Salem                       –                  Member

Haj. M.A. Balogun                   –                  Secretary/Principal

The New Millennium Horizon (Wind of Change)
In September 2001, a new Governing Council (GC) was constituted by the Proprietor, the Lagos Branch of ADSON, for the old Institute which had been in existence for nineteen years (1982 — 2001).

The new Chairman appointed for the Institute of Arabic and Islamic Studies (IAIS) is Chief `Tunde Fanimokun, a Development Economist, Seasoned Administrator and an accomplished Management Consultant with the Yinka Folawiyo Conglomerate. Before then, he served meritoriously from 1969 —1985 in the Public Service of Lagos State and he rose to the position of a Permanent Secretary (1978 — 1985). His immediate predecessor at the old Institute was late Prof. Fatiu A. Akesode (1999 — 2001), until his death, Vice Chancellor of the Lagos State University, (LASU). May Allah continue to grant him Aljannat Firdaous, Ameen.

Under the new Chairman, the first major assignment undertaken by the Governing Council was a comprehensive programme of rehabilitation, renovation and redecoration of all the existing facilities within the old Institute; of Isolo Campus e.g, Mosque, Lecture Rooms, Library Hall, Office accommodation, Furniture & Fittings, Boundary Fence, Repainting, Sports Field, etc. All these works were undertaken from personal financial contributions provided by the new Chairman and Members of the Governing Council.

Secondly, for the first full year, in its review of the performance the Governing Council in 2002 deliberated extensively and consulted widely on a major policy review of the Scope, Standard and Structure of Operation of the then two — decade old institution. That reappraisal exercise was examined within the context of a. the original laudable Vision ‘n Mission of ADSON, as well as, b. in the light of overwhelming Global wind of change, aspiration and challenges of the digital age under the new millennium. Consequently, a fundamental change in orientation and focus, scope and perspective of the training needs of Teachers became quite imperative for ensuring a Greater Tomorrow.

For instance, as at that time in 2002, the National Policy on Education prescribed the Nigerian Certificate in Education, (NCE) as the minimum qualification required for teaching in any Nigerian School.

The Governing Council, (GC) beamed its deeply penetrating searchlight onto the desirability, feasibility, viability, modalities, cost-benefits analysis and sustainability of the transition and transformation of the then existing Institute into a full-fledged COLLEGE OF EDUCATION, using the available building structures on the ground at the !solo Campus of 4.9 acres.

Accordingly, appropriate study groups and sub-committees of the Governing Council were constituted. On the basis of the findings, recommendations and financial provisional estimates placed before it on the various assignments, the Governing Council on Thursday, April 24, 2003 unanimously endorsed, the formal upgrading of the (old) Institute of Arabic and Islamic Studies (IAIS) to a College of Education using the existing building facilities as the FOUNDATION.

Our Mandate

The above final conclusions of the Governing Council were duly relayed and reported to the Proprietor, the Lagos Branch of ADSON. The necessary covering approval and policy directives were obtained to effect the fundamental change. On receiving that clear mandate, the Governing Council and Management embarked on all the preparatory works which were vigorously pursued with great enthusiasm and full determination for success.

The various sub-committees of the Governing Council did excellently well and the Management carried out on-the-spot assessments of selected Colleges of Education, e.g. at ljanikin, Epe, Akoka and Ososa. It was indeed a period of excitement and great expectation for the Governing Council, as well as the Management and Staff. With the Blessings of the Almighty Allah on these interrelated endeavours, before mid-2004 (i.e. within a period of less than two (2) years) the twin tasks of transition and transformation required were fruitfully pursued and substantially accomplished. The funding of this aspect of the special assignment was partly sourced from the Governing Council (Chairman and Members) and partly from the Proprietors, the Lagos Branch. The practicability of the package proposal (Organis  ational Change and Institutional Transformation for a Turn-around) was well documented. Where there is a will, there is certainly always a way. Alhamudulilah.