Our Campus

The Journey So Far:

Consequently by June 2004, our training complex was wearing a totally new and most befitting outlook. Among some of the new facilities provided are:

  1. Modern Language Teaching Laboratory, fully equipped
  2. High Network Computer Laboratory fully equipped and ready to be connected with internet;
  3. Centre for Educational Technology, (CET), equipped with modern teaching aids which is the core of any Teacher Education);
  4. Micro-Teaching Laboratory, fully equipped with Teaching Facilities
  5. Mathematics Room with Teaching Apparatus, Mathematics Model, Tools etc.
  6. Fairly Equipped library, that could seat over 250 studentsfilly catalogued with computer based set for ICT compliance
  7. Additional Office Units; and viii. Lecture Rooms, new furniture and fittings, etc.

By October 2004, as preconditions for commencement, the new College of Education required statutory approvals by the Local Government and the prescribed Federal Authorities (The National Commission for Colleges of Education (NCCE), Abuja). The Governing Council confidently pursued all these to logical conclusion. The Letter of Approval Ref. No NCCE/AP/ANSAR/13N.1/19 dated August 10, 2004 was received from the Federal Ministry of Education after the Resource Inspection Visit by the NCCE, Abuja. Before then, the Isolo Local Government had ratified the establishment of ADCOED in its own Letter of Permission with Ref. No. OILG/ED/54/001 dated 31July, 2003

It is therefore, a matter of joy, pride and appreciation for Allah’s Blessings that THE COLLEGE (Ansar-Ud-Deen College of Education, Isolo) as conceived in 2002, was duly established and opened its doors as scheduled in October, 2004 with an intake of 105 Pioneer Students. The figures have slightly increased yearly to 107 in 2005 to 108 in 2006, etc.. as further reflected below.

In December 2006, the NCCE Abuja called again at Isolo for ACCREDITATION of the on-going courses. The Governing Council approached the Proprietors for support to prepare adequately for all requirements to ensure a successful exercise. It must be placed on record that all the additional funding required was specially arranged and promptly provided by the ADS Lagos Branch and supported by some of the other Branches from the Lagos State Council.

Similarly, the special appeals made to individual members of our great Society and Muslim Ummah in general, received most encouraging support. Through all these joint efforts, the first three (3) years of the new College (2004— 2006) were very fruitful.

May the Almighty Allah reward all abundantly. All donations to the new College are properly itemised and documented for record purpose and ease of reference. (see Appendix VI).

In summary, the transition and transformation process entailed:

2002 — 2003 : Upgrading of Facilities

2004 — 2006 : Laying the Foundation 2006 : 100%

Accreditation by the NCCE, Abuja